About Us


     Eat Healthstyle was created to help you achieve your nutritional and fitness goals by providing you with various meal plan options. The founder, Loui DiBarro has been meal prepping for himself ever since he graduated college, trying out various meal plans and testing almost every studied diet out there. Throughout his trial era he found that diets have been misused and realized that many get the misconception that a diet is the only way to reach one’s goals. He constantly was fluctuating in weight,  had many ups in downs in his overall health including how he felt both physically and mentally. Because diets are short term and unrealistic to sustain over longer periods of time he found that the concept of creating a lifestyle around all aspects of your health is truly the only way to sustain and maintain a healthy living.

     The word “Healthstyle” was created by incorporating the two major concepts, Health and Lifestyle. By creating a Healthstyle it will allow a person to become the best version of themselves and because there is no end to a Healthstyle there will always be ways to improve it and enhance it. We understand that many have their own beliefs on what Healthstyle they would like to carry out so we provide various Healthstyle options along with numerous meals within each option to make it easier for you to sustain and improve your lifestyle.