What is Eat Healthstyle?

We are a goal based meal delivery and subscription service based in New York passionate about nutrition and high quality food. Our award winning chefs are dedicated to preparing great tasting meals that consist of the highest quality ingredients to help you achieve your goals.

How does Eat Healthstyle work?

You can order our meals off our menu as you like, or as a set goal-focused meal plan that will recur on a weekly basis. All of our meals are prepared fresh and delivered to either one of our partnering gym pick-up locations or directly to your home or office. We deliver twice a week, and only require that you order 5 days in advance to ensure the freshest quality ingredients and meals. p>

How do I order?

All of our meals and meal plans must be ordered online through our website. To start an order, either choose whether you’d like to order a la carte off our menu or with a meal plan. If ordering a meal plan, you will choose the plan that fits your needs and then enter your personal demographic information and number of meals per week you’d like to receive. If ordering a la carte off our menu, simply choose the meals you’d like and add them to your cart. To switch between our beginning of week and midweek menu items, choose the delivery date to the top right of the menu. Your menu items will then reflect the appropriate delivery date in your carte per item upon checkout.

What types of programs do you offer?

We have both a la carte ordering and meal plan programs. Our meal plans are set for specific goals and/or nutritional focuses. Our meal plans recur on a weekly basis and you can choose how many meals per week and days per week you would like. To order a meal plan, you can choose which plan best fits your lifestyle and needs, and then enter your personal demographic information and meal choices per day throughout the week. Our team will then create a plan for you that fits your personal needs and recurs on a weekly basis – you can pause or cancel your plan at anytime during or after your first week of delivery before the Wednesday night at midnight EST deadline for changes.p>

What am I committing to with an order?

There is no long term commitment to our program when you place an order. For an a la carte order, you are placing a one time order that will not recur. For a meal plan, you are only committed to your first week of meals. If you need to pause or cancel your first week, you can do so online before Wednesday night at midnight EST the week prior to your delivery. We will then apply a credit automatically to your account for your next order. After your first week of your meal plan, you can pause or cancel your meal plan at anytime, as long as it is done before Wednesday night at midnight EST the week before your delivery you wish you pause and/or cancel. Your current week of meals will not be affected by a pause or cancellation placed, only pauses or cancellations done prior to the wednesday at midnight deadline EST will take into account for the upcoming week’s delivery. p>

What days do you deliver?

We have two deliveries per week, early and midweek. Depending on your delivery location and type, your order will come either on Sunday or Monday for early week delivery and then Wednesday or Thursday for midweek delivery. You will choose your delivery time/options in the checkout process based on your location and delivery type. .

What are the deadlines for ordering and making changes to my order?

In order to source the best ingredients for your made-to-order meals, we ask that you order 5 days in advance of your delivery. Because we only deliver twice a week, we therefore have two deadlines on our website to order – Wednesday and Saturday by midnight EST for beginning of week and midweek delivery respectively. All meal plans, however, must be ordered or adjusted before Wednesday at midnight EST for the upcoming week. Billing for meal plans goes through on Thursday morning. .

What should I expect on a Eat Healthstyle meal plan?

When subscribed to a meal plan, you can either pick your own meals, or have them picked for you by our trained nutritionists according to your guidelines. After that you will be able to receive your meals twice a week either by picking it up from your local gym, or by getting it delivered directly to your home. p>

What is the difference between the different meal plans?

We have 10 different meal plan options for you to choose from, each based on specific goals and/or dietary restrictions. Our meal plan options include: Slim – The plan for those looking to shed excess fat. Burn – HIIT? Cardio? Group fitness? If you’re looking to fuel hard workouts, this is the plan for you. Build – The nutrient-dense meals in this plan support muscle building.” Perform – No matter if it’s on a court, arena, pitch, or field, this plan helps athletes perform their best. Endure – Do you run, bike, or swim? If so, this is the plan for you. Vegetarian – Go green with meals that are full of quality grains, vegetables, and animal-free fats. Flexitarian – Can’t choose between animal- and plant-based meals? This plan incorporates both. Pure Paleo – Eat like our ancestors to support optimal health and wellbeing. Complete Keto – Replace carbs with quality fats, and prompt your body to use fat for fuel. Whole 30 – Use this dietary experiment to reset your health and redefine your relationship with food.

Where do you source your food?

We make sure to source the highest-quality ingredients possible for our meals, and as locally sourced to our facilities as possible. All of our beef is grass-fed, our poultry and pork is raised without hormones and antibiotics*, and our fish is wild-caught. *Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones in poultry, pork, veal, and non-amenable meats.

What should I do with my bags and ice packs?

All of our insulated bags and ice packs are recyclable. If you receive hand delivery to your home, you can give them back to the driver on your next delivery to recycle. While we cannot take back any packaging for our FedEx deliveries, we suggest either recycling the materials or donating them to a local service or charity in need. Some suggestions for donation are local boys and girls clubs, soup kitchens, or fishing/hunting organizations. p>

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver nationwide. Depending on your location, our delivery options change from in-home hand delivery, gym delivery, to FedEx. Simply begin an order with your address and zip code and you will be provided with your available delivery options upon checkout.

Do I need to be home to receive my meals ?

You do not need to be home to receive your home delivery, you can leave notes in your delivery notes on where to leave your food if you are not there. However, if we deliver within the allocated delivery window, and you are okay with us leaving your bag, we are not responsible for your bag after it is left. If you are having your bag delivered to your gym, it will be left safely in your gyms’ Eat Healthstyle fridge.

What days of the week do you deliver?

We deliver twice a week, in the beginning of the week and then again midweek. Depending on your delivery area, these deliveries will come on Sunday/Monday or Wednesday/Thursday. Specific delivery times vary by gym, if you need an approximate delivery time for your gym, please feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

What different delivery options do you have?

We have both home and gym delivery. We partner with hundreds of gyms that have a Eat Healthstyle refrigerator we deliver directly to. All of the locations are listed .If we do not deliver to your gym, we offer home delivery via a courier or FedEx (depending on your area).

Do you deliver to homes?

Yes! On top of delivery to our partnering gym locations, we offer home delivery through our courier service and FedEX depending on where you are located. p>

What gym pickup locations are available?

We partner with hundreds of gyms, all of which are listed online. If you have any questions about gym delivery, or want to suggest your gym to be added please email us at info@eathelthstyle.com

What if I am not a member of a gym, can I still get my delivery there?

Yes, many of our gyms allow non-members to pick up there. If a gym is private it will say so as you pick it as your designated delivery location in which case you should not do so if you are not a member of that location. Please make sure to reach out to a gym you are not a member or check their website for operating hours in case they are closed before you go to pick up your meals.

What is the price of shipping?

Our pricing varies based on your area of delivery. For gym delivery the delivery fee is waived, however we do charge a minimal delivery fee for our home delivery as we work with great partners to assure safe delivery to your home. The price of shipping will show for your specific delivery location upon checkout.

What time of day do you deliver?

Depending on your delivery location and type we either deliver at night or early in the morning. Your delivery options and times will show upon checkout.

Do you deliver nationwide?

Yes! We deliver everywhere in the Continental United States.

Nutrition and Meals
Are your meals gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free?

All of our meals are soy-free and dairy-free. All of the ingredients we use in our food are naturally gluten-free, though our kitchen is not certified gluten-free.

What does the Macro tag mean?

The Macro tag is to designate meals that are targeted to athletes that require high protein and carbohydrate intake.

What is an Athlete Meal?

We label our meals that have a higher carbohydrate content and lower fat content* as “Athlete” meals, so customers who are looking for these types of meals can easily find them. Many of our athletes like “high carb” meals to fuel their training, especially to help replenish glycogen stores after a tough workout. *See nutrition information for Total Fat, Saturated Fat, Sodium and Cholesterol.

Do you have vegetarian programs?

Yes we have a vegetarian meal plan that is provided by our partner Vyne Life. All of these meals are plant-based, free of animal products, gluten, dairy, and soy*. *See nutrition information for Total Fat, Saturated Fat and Sodium

What is the difference between the medium and the large meals?

Medium meals generally contain 4 to 4.5 ounces of protein and 6 to 8 ounces of vegetables/sides*. Large meals generally contain 6 to 7 ounces of protein and 10 to 12 ounces of food vegetables/sides. 65% of customers find the Medium size meals to be filling, while our more active athletes and larger adults tend to choose the large option. *See nutrition information for Total Fat, Saturated Fat, Sodium and Cholesterol.

How long do the meals stay fresh?

Our meals stay fresh for between three to five days, depending on the meal. We deliver twice a week to make sure that you have access to fresh meals. All of our meals come with an eat-by date. We suggest freezing our meals if you would like to make them last longer. If you freeze them, you can simply defrost them in an oven or microwave before consumption.

Do you discard my meals if I don't pick them up?

We are required by regulation to discard your meals if not picked up by the expiration date. Please pick up your meals within a day or two of delivery otherwise the meals may need to be discarded. Thank you for your understanding.

How do I reheat my meals?

Each meal comes with specific and easy reheating instructions for both oven and microwave reheating. Our containers are microwave and oven safe. All you have to do is remove any sauce containers and heat and eat! Please remember to remove any plastic tops or sauce containers if putting your meals in an oven. You may also heat your meals on a skillet by heating a pan or wok and placing your meal in the pan, heating it slowly until warm.

In case I have allergies, how do I know what ingredients are used in my food?

Each menu item comes with a full ingredient list on our website. In addition, if you have a meal plan, you can pick from our list of restrictions, in which case you will never receive a meal that has that restricted item in it. We, however, do not make our meals especially for allergies. Therefore, if your allergy is serious, please proceed with caution and feel free to consult our customer service team first with any questions. Our kitchen is already dairy-, soy-, and peanut-free.